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Elle Kamihira, director

Elle Kamihira is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker and media designer working across film, museum, documentary, theater and live events. Recent media installations can be seen at National Museum of the American Indian, Museum of the American Revolution, Harley Davidson Museum, Library of Congress, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Heard Museum, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Chickasaw Cultural Center. Media design credits include Broadway shows Rocky Horror Live, Harlem Song, House Arrest, as well video design for CFDA awards, IBM Centennial at Jazz Lincoln Center, 150th Commemoration Celebration at Gettysburg. Elle uses animation, VFX, live action, documentary and environmental design to create cinematic experiences that are thought-provoking and emotionally evocative.


Katie hyde, producer

Mentored by the late great Hollywood Producer Bobby Newmyer on big studio films like TRAINING DAY and MINDHUNTER, Katie is now an independent film producer and owner of Brooklyn-based production company Indie City Films, which produces documentary content for outlets such as Refinery29, UK Sunday Times, NY Post and Bloomberg. Katie produced festival darling MOUNT JOY, bought by Netflix, and BEFORE/DURING/AFTER starring Finnerty Steeves, released by Gravitas in 2021. Most recently, Katie directed CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: OH MY GOD I THINK ITS OVER for CBS, which premiered at Austin FF.

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yulia ruditskaya, animation director

Born in Minsk and educated at SHAR in Moscow and GOBELINS in Paris, Yulia is an internationally recognized animation director who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. A multi-disciplinary artist, Yulia has held the combined roles of director, animator, illustrator and motion designer on a great variety of independent projects for brands, musicians, and non-profit clients such as UNICEF and Amnesty International. Yulia has also written, directed and animated a slate of extraordinary, award-winning animated short films, including THREE ANGELS, A CATFISH TALE and and AND THE MOON STANDS STILL.

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Laura richards, executive producer

Laura is a world-leading criminal behavioral analyst with degrees in forensic & legal psychology, former head of Homicide Prevention at New Scotland Yard and founder of stalking advocacy service Paladin. An international expert on domestic violence, coercive control and male violence against women, Laura is a sought after media spokesperson, as well as host of hit podcast REAL CRIME PROFILE and CRIME ANALYST and co-creator of investigatory television shows such as THE CASE OF: JONBENET RAMSEY, THE CASE OF: CAYLEE ANTHONY, DIRTY JOHN, THE DIRTY TRUTH.

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