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If she stayed she would die, if she left she would die.


JENNIFER, 42 is an animated documentary film that tells the true story of Connecticut mom Jennifer Magnano and her three children's dramatic escape from their violent and controlling dad Scott. Traumatized and clinging to each other, they did everything they were supposed to do - and told to do, but the escape only marked the beginning of a harrowing journey that ultimately forced them back within Scott's reach.

The story is told through the eyes of the surviving victims - the Magnano children.  Jessica, Emily and David takes us back through their hidden family history, how they helped each other survive, and their epic battle to find safety - only to come face to face with a world that didn't see the danger they were in.

The multi-voice narrative, built from the children's raw memories is brought to life with beautifully hand-drawn animation that paints a picture of the complex forces that entrapped the Magnano family and raises urgent questions about how we protect women and children fleeing violent men.

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Official Selection Breaking Through The Lens 2020 Cannes and TIFF showcases

"It's such an important story, it has to get made"

- Marge Dean, President of Women in Animation


New York Foundation of the Arts 'Made in NY' Women's Film Fund grantee

JENNIFER, 42 is supported by Women Make Movies

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