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BREAKING NEWS - A law named after our Jennifer Magnano, Jennifers' Law is up for a vote in the senate of Jennifer's home state of Connecticut. Jennifer's three children - Jessica, David and Emily, myself, Laura Richards, and more than a hundred victims, experts and advocates gave powerful testimony in favor of the bill to the Judiciary Committee in an unprecedented 12-hour session. Jennifers' Law was drafted and proposed by State Senator Alex Kasser (D) and seeks to redefine domestic violence to include coercive control and the full range of tactics abusers use against their victims. Crucially, it defines domestic abuse as a pattern crime, and not isolated incidences.  

Jennifer, 42 was one of ten films selected for the Breaking Through The Lens Cannes 2020 showcase. We are so proud and honored to be among these female-directed films from 13 countries around the world.